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Sashiko F102 - Sashiko Decorative Mending

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Meeting Times

  • Saturday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Mending celebrates resourcefulness and sustainability by showcasing hand stitching rather than hiding it. This workshop will highlight the act of mending and textile repair with Sashiko Japanese Embroidery. With humble beginnings in rural Japan, Sashiko's running stitch insulated work garments for warmth and longevity. Moving into comtemporary times around the globe, the bold, geometric beauty of Sashiko continues to both strengthen and decorate fabrics. 

Students will learn how to patch and repair a rip or hole, reinforce a worn area, and prepare their distressed textile in order to draw a Sashiko grid and pattern of their choice. Participants will enploy the "small stabs" Sashiko technique to repair or embellish their project! 

Please bring a few garments from your closet to assess for mending. Areas to mend should not exceed 4 inches. Denim always looks amazing with Sashiko stitching. Other ideal mendable items should be medium to light weight, woven cotton or linen. 

$25 first-timer basic class kit should be purchased if you have never taken any of our Sashiko workshops with Rachel before. The kit includes: one pair of Olympus Sashiko needles, one skein of thread, needle threader, mini-ruler, fabric pen, grid & templates, and a pattern guide. (If you are signing up for more than one of the Sashiko workshops, you will only need one First-Timer Basic Class Kit.)

$15 required fee for all students includes sustainably sourced mending patches and one skein of Sashiko thread. 

Communal Materials and Tools: colorful Sashiko threads, rulers, fabric markers and pencils, thimbles, thread conditioner, and scissors.

Returning Sashiko students - bring your needles, threader, grid, circle templates, and ruler.

Please bring in a couple garments to class for mending, your good reading glasses, water bottle, and a snack. 

Additional Notes


  • Tuition $88.00
  • Required Materials Fee $15.00
Total: $103.00

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